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Auto Repair and Services in Paducah, Kentucky

Automotive Tire Services


It is important that the tires on your vehicle are checked regularly. If they are worn or bald, then they constitute a driving hazard. At Lucky's Auto Service llc we have a large stock of new and used cars to fit all models of cars and light trucks. We always recommend to customers that they get wheel realignment done at the same time the tires are changed.

Automobile Diagnosis

Electronic Diagnosis

At Lucky's Auto Service llc we have a scan tool at our shop in Paducah, Kentucky, that we use for electronic vehicle diagnostics. It tells us exactly what the problem is with the vehicle – whether the fault lies with the computer system, the engine, or the transmission. We are highly trained in car repairs and will always fix the problem.

Automotive Transmission Services


If your vehicle suffers any transmissions, whether you drive an automatic or manual car, we will carry out whatever repairs or replacements that are required. Tell-tale signs of a transmission problem include whining, clanking, humming, a burning smell, gears slipping, or the clutch dragging. A repair is always less expensive than a transmission replacement.

About Lucky's Auto Service llc

Lucky's Auto Service llc has been repairing and replacing vehicles in and around Paducah, Kentucky, for more than 30 years and we have built up an excellent reputation for the high quality of our workmanship and the priority we place on good customer service. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we operate a reasonable and affordable pricing structure. As part of our commitment to customer service, we offer a $10 discount on all referrals.

Our technicians offer complete car care and most of the work is covered by a one-year warranty. They do it right the first time and at a fair price. As a well-established company we are fully certified, possess a Master Technicians certificate, and are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) authorized. We attract customer to our shop from a wide area including the communities of Mayfield, Herndon, Benton, and Lone Oak, Kentucky, and Brookport, Illinois.

  • Engine Repair
  • Radiator / Auto AC Repair
  • Domestic & Imports
  • Brakes & Suspension
  • Transmission Service, Repair, & Diagnostic
  • And More ...

Brake Inspections and Muffler Repair

The dangers of faulty brakes are obvious. We have replacement brake components, such as pads and drums, in stock for all trucks and cars. If we have to order them they are usually delivered in a day. If there is a screeching noise when you depress the brake pedal, or if it becomes more difficult to stop the vehicle, then you need to get the brakes checked.

A muffler is a device used to cut down the noise coming from a vehicle exhaust. There are several warning signals that the muffler is not working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced. A rumbling noise coming from the exhaust is a sure sign of a muffler problem, as is a vibration in the exhaust. Don’t delay bringing the vehicle to us because the sooner the repairs are done, the less expensive they are.

Car Brake Repair

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