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Lucky's Auto Service llc

Tire Replacement and Exhaust Repair in Paducah, Kentucky

At Lucky's Auto Service llc we have been providing a wide range of auto repair services for the people of Paducah, Kentucky, and beyond for more than 30 years. The replacement of new and used tires is one of the main services we offer, and we have tires in stock to fit all makes of cars and light trucks. We also repair and replace transmissions on both automatic and manual vehicles.

If your vehicle is suffering a system problem, we have an electronic diagnostics tool that will scan the vehicle and tell us exactly what the issue is. We can also fit a custom exhaust system to your vehicle, and deal with any problems the braking system might have. If you have a faulty engine, we can rebuild it or replace it, whatever is the best option. And we enjoy working on old classic hot rod cars and restoring them to their former glory.

Professional Tire Replacement

New and Used Tires

At our shop in Paducah, Kentucky, we stock new and used tires for all cars and light trucks. We pride ourselves on our honesty here at Lucky's Auto Service llc and, if you don’t need a tire replacement, we will not try to sell you one, unlike some other operators. We always recommend to customers that, when they get tires replaced, they should have a wheel realignment done at the same time.

Professional Mechanics

Electronic Diagnosis

If you have a computer problem, a transmission issue, or an engine fault, then we can use our modern scanning tool to make an electronic diagnosis of exactly what the problem is. A check engine light on your dashboard will also indicate a problem, and you need to bring the car into us. Even if it is just a fuse, our vehicle diagnostics team will sort it and get you back on the road safely.

Automatic Transmission Servicing

Transmission Replacements and Repairs

At our transmission shop in Paducah, Kentucky, we will service, repair and replace transmissions in both automatic and manual vehicles. If you feel the clutch dragging, the gears slipping, or if you are experiencing problems sliding the car into gear, then you need our transmission repair service. Other warning signs are whining, clanking, humming or shaking, and a burning smell.

Exhaust Repair Services

Custom Exhaust

Are you looking around the Paducah, Kentucky, area for a first-class custom exhaust for your vehicle? Well, look no more. Whether your car is foreign or domestic, we have years of experience to transform its sound and improve performance. The custom exhaust systems we provide will also allow for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape so your engine breathes better.

Brake Drum Replacement


Our auto repair shop has a large stock of brake parts, including drum brakes and brake pads, for all types of vehicle. The most common signs that you need to have your brakes checked are screeching when you depress the brake pedal or difficulty in stopping the vehicle. It is essential to get the work done quickly. If you don’t get the brakes changed in time, then you may also have to replace the rotors. 

Engine Tuning Professionals


If a check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, then you need to bring the car into our repair shop in Paducah, Kentucky. Another sign of an engine problem is when your car uses up gas more quickly than normal. At Lucky's Auto Service llc we can replace an engine that is beyond repair, and we can also rebuild the engine in your car.

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