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Transmission Repair and Replacement in Paducah, Kentucky

Whether you drive an automatic or manual vehicle, the team of mechanics who work at our transmission shop will be happy to put their years of experience to good work to fix any problem you are experiencing.

Repairing faulty transmissions is just one of the services Lucky's Auto Service llc has been providing for more than 30 years in Paducah, Kentucky. Others include providing new and used tires, repairing brake problems, fitting custom exhausts, and upgrading classic hot rod vehicles to their former glory.

There are several warning signs that indicate your transmission needs checked by our team of professionals. If the car is making a whining, humming or clanking noise; if it starts to shake or leak; if there is a burning smell; if the system has trouble going into gear; if it is noisy when you are in neutral, if the gears are slipping; or if the clutch is dragging.

At Lucky's Auto Service llc we take great pride in our honesty and integrity and we will never try to sell a customer anything unless the vehicle absolutely needs it. In the case of a transmission system we will always recommend what is best for the client, not what makes most money for us.

Our team can carry out transmission rebuilds, clutch replacement, and transmission repair. In an automatic car, we can repair and replace the torque converter, and we can repair the transfer case, the device that transfers power through the drive shafts to the vehicle’s front and rear axles.

The team of technicians at Lucky's Auto Service llc are transmission specialists and if your car is showing any of the tell-tale transmission fault signs then it is imperative that you get it to us as quickly as possible. Just call us today on (270) 908-0372.

Automatic Transmission Servicing

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